The skills, attitude and mindset to build
, and at work.

What is a Green Zone Culture™?

Green Zones Cultures are positive interpersonal environments created between two or more people characterized by safety, trust and caring.

'In organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capacities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.' - Margaret Wheatley

Green Zone Cultures support the cultivation of the mindset, attitude and behaviors to skillfully and positively leverage the power of relationships so that people can work together to achieve extraordinary results.

Red Zone Culture vs Green Zone Culture

Red Zone: Fear-based, the Conquering Mindset Attitude Behavior Results in relationships that are: Protect Aggressive Anxious Defend Impatient Disengaged Defeat Greedy Fearful Win Hostile Blaming Be right Untrusting Defensive Short-term Offended Lying Green Zone: Trust-based, the Cooperative Mindset Attitude Behavior Results in relationships that are: Grow Inclusive Emotionally Committed Learn Cooperative Productive Connect Loyal Accountable Understand Open Trustworthy Curious Honest Engaged Collaborative Caring Candid Long-term Generous Resilient

The Green Zone Culture group offers a way to transform workplaces from fear-based Red Zones to trust-based Green Zones. We recognize that nobody succeeds alone. In our highly interconnected world everyone needs to master the skills to build relationships and to form alliances. This is true in in everyday situations between individuals as well as between project teams, departments, companies and organizations.

Great results happen when there are great relationships!